DIY: Easy Recipe for Eliminating Pet Stains

Pets are an important part of our families and homes.  They bring us much joy along with a healthy dose of mischievousness and occasional accidents, too.  Why is it that they always seem to cop a squat at the most inconvenient time?  Or hide their bile in some far off corner not to be discovered for days?     

Pet accidents are some of the toughest stains to clean.  Oftentimes the store bought cleaners just don’t do the job but do add to the overwhelming putrid aroma.  Stop gagging over the powerful competing aromas and try this home remedy that’s gentler on the nose and free of toxins.  In fact, we’ve found this recipe to be more effective for eliminating pet stains and odors and you probably already have all the ingredients in your home.

How do you get the odor and stain out of carpet?

Not only do pet accidents leave unsightly stains on your carpet but they typically leave a nasty looming odor that makes you want to toss your cookies.  So it is inevitable that you properly clean and sterilize the affected area to eliminate both. The older the urine stain on the area rug, the harder it will be to remove the smell and mess.

Quick side note –  This homemade remedy works great for many types of carpets and even some fabrics too.  But before you start cleaning, it’s always a good idea to test the solution on an inconspicuous area first.  

Step 1: Dry the Carpet Thoroughly 

Get those paper towels ready!  Before you start applying any solution, be sure that the carpet is dry. If the carpet is wet, dab the moisture with a towel until there isn’t any absorbable moisture left in the carpet.  Applying pressure with your foot works great.

Step 2: Whip Up a Vinegar Solution

Next, it’s time to apply a vinegar solution. We recommend using distilled white vinegar but apple cider vinegar will also do the trick.  Mix an equal portion of water and vinegar, and shake it well.  Then pour this vinegar solution on the area affected by the urine or bile.  For lighter stains, you can transfer the solution to a spray bottle and generously spray the stain. 

Step 3: Let it Soak

After the solution is applied, let it soak for at least 60 minutes.  For really old/tough stains, you may let it sit overnight.  It is tempting to want to keep taking action to do away with the vial pet stain but this is where you need to let the solution work its magic.  Our best words of advice here are – Patience, Grasshopper! 

This step will massively reduce the impact of a stain and might even visibly eliminate it, but you shouldn’t stop here.  The next step is critical to ensuring the odor also vanishes.  Because you don’t want fido or kitty strolling by to remark.    

Step 4: Apply Baking Soda 

Now to abolish that stinky smell!  Before taking action with baking soda, gently blot the area until it is completely dry. Then, generously sprinkle baking soda over the entire area.  There’s no magical formula for the amount of baking soda to use.  When in doubt, sprinkle more.  Just think of it as pixie dust.  You can gently run your hands through the carpet to help some of the baking soda get into the carpet fibers.  Now let it sit undisturbed for 24 hours.  

Step 5 (Optional): Add Hydrogen Peroxide and Dish Detergent 

This step is not necessary in all cases but if you have a really tough/old stain, we recommend taking this extra step.  To treat the harder stains, add a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and dish detergent in an equal amount of water and apply it to the baking soda.  Start with one or two tables of each to two cups of baking soda.  This will make it like a paste that you will need to gently work into the carpet.  After the 24 hour wait, it should dry and harden.

Step 6: Suck it up

Last step!  After 24 hours have passed, vacuum the baking soda and take a deep breath.  Smell that?  Nothing but purely clean air – goodbye stinky pet stain!

Hello Again Fresh Carpet!

This whole process can take up to 48 hours but the amount of time you spend actually working on the stain is fairly minimal.  And the best part is that it’s free of harsh chemicals and toxins, making it safer for both your pets and any little ones running around.


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